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MD, PhD, Specialist in Neurology

Welcome to Neuro Palma! I'm glad you found your way to our site.

I founded Neuro Palma with the intention to be able to provide, safe, honest and personalized neurology with an holistic approach. During my career I been working both as consultant Neurologist at a Public University hospital in Sweden and at a Private hospital in Palma de Mallorca. These impressions, together with my full-hearted interest in Neurology, made me continuously think about how to  provide the kind of health-care that I know is possible but the systems sometimes makes it hard to offer.

Neuro Palma is my platform to make these thoughts become reality.

I completed my specialist training in Neurology at the renowned Skåne University Clinic, Malmö/Lund, Sweden. 

​In 2018 I also presented my thesis in neuro-imaging at Lund University.

The very same year I decided to move to Mallorca  together with my family and practiced during my first 2 years on the island at Clínica Juaneda, getting acquainted with the Spanish society and its health-care system. 

Recently I choose to follow my dreams and since 2020 I'm working and living with Neuro Palma. Alongside the Neuro Palma project I also keep on collaborating with the very same research team at Lund University hospital that I've been working with since 2013. 

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